Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Pinterest Love

At this point, pretty much everyone is aware of what Pinterest is. If you're a "pinner" then you definitely aware of its highly addictive qualities. I don't & can't blame you, Pinterest is a great social site that makes it extremely easy to discover new (can't live with out) amazing things you may not otherwise come across.

CONFESSION: I have been distracted at regular intervals by Pinterest.

Here’s some of what I’m loving at the kick back, relax & enjoy.

With Valentine's Day approaching I am looking for easy ways to decorate Honeybee Cottage. Celebrate with my family & fun crafts for my Girl Scout troops.

Let's Celebrate Valentine's Day

Subway art

  I am an organizer by nature. I am always looking for the next best way to organize Honeybee Cottage,  my office, my Girl Scout stuff, kids, schedules & of course myself...

Let's Organize

Errand Station

I am constantly changing, rearranging & moving rooms around here...this can be slightly obsessive (that's a whole other post). Currently, I have decided to completely swap bedrooms around. I know, I know... which leads me

Boys' Bedrooms
Love everything about this room
We have always been about eating healthy...or so I thought. We started eating a Paleo diet about a year ago. That means I am looking for different ways to cook without grains, pastas & dairy.

Paleo Eating
Quick Easy Paleo Recipes
We haven't experienced any of our typical snow this year but I have already begun thinking of how I want my garden to look this year...

Dreaming of Spring & Gardening

Welcome Spring!

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