Thursday, March 1, 2012

Oh My Dog!

There is a saying that says "In a perfect world, every dog would have a home and every home would have a dog." 
With that said Honeybee Cottage can be declared a true home...We have dogs!

Little Miss. Emma is our youngest family member, a nearly six month old English Bulldog, she joined our family just before Halloween, immediately capturing our hearts. There are many reasons why we all love her, especially me:

Day she came home. 
1) She has had a sweet disposition right from the start. 
Look at all my wrinkles!
2) She likes to snuggle. Utterly sweet & snuggly! 
Loves playing hide & seek under pillows
3) She is an attention grabber..if she wants attention she tugs on my pant leg & growls.
Sleeping in the boys' clean laundry
4) She has No Problem sleeping in or heading back to bed if its just too cold to get out of it yet.
It's snuggling up to the stove to get warm
 5) She tries to catch snowballs thrown to her. 
Playing in snow for the first time
 6) She likes to snuggle up to me at nap time.
Getting sleepy
 7) She has made quick friends with the stray cat who has adopted us. No longer a stray I guess...
Do you have my toy?
 8) She is extremely smart.
See how I've grown!
9) She snores! 
 10) She is extremely curious & is fearless.
Yes, I am trouble!
11) She loves taking showers. Yes, showers!
12) She loves going in the car. She hears my car keys & comes running! She practically goes everywhere with me including the office.
13) Did I say that she is sweet & snuggly?
14) She loves people! And is always eager to get a scratch or pat.
15) She loves her food...much like I do! Eating fruit & veggies better than my        10 year old does.
16) The noises that she makes when sleeping, playing or eating will make anyone giggle.
17) She chooses the oddest things to "love"; a rubber duckie is her favorite toy.
18) She makes me smile.
19) She snorts.
20 She is always happy to see me when I have been gone.

 This list is by no way complete. And I am sure that now as she is reaching her "teen stage" of puppyhood that not every action will be as adorable as it is now.    Much like anything worth having there is work involved. I realize that not everyone is a pet lover (or owner) but I have been training Emma to greet people only when prompted but Beware! The pets who inhabit Honeybee Cottage are often found lounging on the nearest sofa or chair.

Wishing you each the perfect home, with the perfect dog.